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Productivity, accuracy and flexibility are the main features of HE500 series: double edgers with cup wheels to grind flat edge with arrises. Produced in four models according to the number of spindles and in dimensions up to 3300×7200 mm, HE 500 models are the evolution of a double edging line that has enjoyed great success for 25 years. Equipped with the most modern technologies, they are high range products satisfying the most demanding customers. Moreover, their integrated electrical box optimises footprint and improves ergonomics.

HE 500 models are fitted with the best technical solutions: high performing spindles, movements by brushless motors, ball screws for fast and accurate movements, components of the best brands for maximum reliability; plus an 18.5” HD touch-screen control panel complete with keyboard which is compact and user friendly, boasting intuitive graphics featuring icons and drawings.

Bavelloni has paid special attention to reducing the set-up times to change the format. All necessary settings can be either manual or automatic and managed by the control device. For example, the tools pre-setting (optional) can keep the wheels perfectly aligned without any intervention of the operator.

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