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SB10 – The Bavelloni SB 10 is an extremely popular machine for horizontal shaped semi-automatic edge grinding, polishing and bevelling in the glass industry. With a Global installed base of more than 3000 the SB10 is a must in every glass factory. The Bavelloni SB10 has been in production for 50 years and whilst components and technology have advanced the construction and design remains the very same.

The working head produced from lightweight alloy provides simple and free movement of the arm and head. The machine is equipped with an electronic wheel position regulator and memorisation system for rapid and accurate production changes.

The SB10 structure manufactured in heavy steel and iron castings make it robust and free from vibration providing perfect and consistent quality. This model is highly flexible: it is suitable for bevelling and edging large size pieces thanks to the patented star-shaped rotating faceplate, it is also capable of producing small pieces using the incorporated independent satellite face-plate. A pneumatic piston also allows the head positioning for processing simple shapes semi-automatically.

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