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BAVELLONI VE 350 6 & VE 350 8

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BAVELLONI VE 350 6 & VE 350 8


Small for number of spindles, but big for loading capacity and reliability, the edgers with 6 and 8 spindles adopt the same technical solutions of the bigger models and they can process glass thickness up to 35 and 40 mm respectively (and weight up to 200 kg/m).

These models only differ in the configuration of the arrising tools: one diamond and one polishing wheel for each arris in VE 350 8, one wheel for single pass in VE 350 6.

VE 350 6 is equipped with special Bakelite wheels for grinding and polishing the arrises in a single pass. A cost-effective solution for quality grinding.

VE 350 8 is the latest evolution of an absolute best-selling model. Low investment, versatility and user-friendliness characterise this straight-line edger that can deliver a great finish even on thicker glass.

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