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The DTP supplies, in one single water outlet, all its nominal capacity of water, all treated and cleaned with quality parameters. It is suitable for 23.5 hours work on a 24 cycle. A 24/24 (continuous operation) module is optional if required. The system is available in different sizes from 12 to 250 m3/hour to satisfy all requirements, from the small laboratory to the giants of glass processing.


  • Limpid water suitable for the spindles of the CNCs and for the washing machines
  • Totally automatic functioning, operator is not needed
  • Remote control both for manufacturer’s assistance and for the user
  • Elimination of the water tanks under the machines with the creation of direct drains in the ducts
  • Elimination of the pumps on the machines
  • Savings of 45/65% in electrical costs thanks to the elimination of the pumps of individual machines
  • No maintenance due to deposits on machines, pools, channels, collection tank and pipes for sending water to the machines
  • No use of chemical flocculants
  • Several depuration testing points along the internal phases of the circuit (3 from the inside of the deconcentrator and 2 from the filter)
  • Possibility of modular expansion of the system in a simple and economical way
  • Possibility of optional modules, for instance 24/24 or creation of any interface for automated production lines


  • Collection pool for dirty water
  • Fluidization system and pumps manifolds
  • Suction pumps
  • Deconcentrator

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